How I Got The Facebook Dating App Working Again After It Stopped Working

How I Got The Facebook Dating App Working Again After It Stopped Working – I’ve learned to be persistent and patient until I succeed in fixing the Facebook dating app not appearing or being inaccessible.

Here are a few common grievances that my Facebook friends have.

“I used to have the Facebook dating app, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.”

“I had an account, which I later erased… It isn’t anymore. It seems like I’m locked out.”

The primary method for resolving any issue, including problems with your dating account, remains Facebook help.

If you have contacted them before, try out this method that I used and it will work. Hopefully, if you did not violate any of their community standards, they will return your dating app FB and you will be back to have fun.

I am going to share how got my dating account back with the help of FB support.

Reasons why Dating App Fb is not showing up

Besides deleting the dating app, deactivating your FB or hiding the dating feature, there are other reasons why FB dating might be unavailable to you.

Here are other reasons why you are locked out of your dating app FB:

  • #1 Suspicious activities

Sometimes, you may not know your activity that looks suspicious on FB. But, in most cases where FB dating app stops working, it is because they have begun to doubt what you are doing on the app. So, they make it unavailable for you.

If you are not sure of committing anything against FB standards, you can contact support and request they return the dating feature.

Contacting them once or twice might not be enough, keep on sending messages until they attend to your request. Good luck

  • #2. Using an old version of the FB App

An outdated version of the FB app can make the dating feature stop working in your account. This is because updates to the main app might sometimes affect whether certain features are available.

To guarantee you have access to all features, including dating, make sure the most recent version of the app is installed.

  • #3 Privacy settings

Facebook dating may not be available to you if your privacy settings are configured to only allow friends to see your profile. If you want to use FB Dating, change your privacy settings to allow others to view your profile.

  • #4 Violated FB dating rules

If you violated any of their rules, your account can be restricted or disabled, and the dating feature will stop working for you.

  • #5 Restrictions on the location

FB Dating is presently only accessible in a few areas, so if you are there, you won’t be able to use the tool.

Here is how I was able to reinstate my Facebook dating app:

When I realized that the dating app became unavailable for me, I contacted the FB support team the first time and there was no response.

I repeated the same with over 50 emails and lastly, I got their attention and my dating app was restored.

One time or two is not enough to succeed while filing a complaint to Facebook. This could be a result of the numerous complaints they have to figure out every day.

So, if your issue wasn’t resolved, do not stop contacting them.

I also helped a FB friend in the images below and hopefully, she will get hers back.


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