Facebook Dating Profile Setup : Does Facebook Dating Appear On Your Profile?

With the use of recently developed profile setups, Facebook users can now find compatible partners online by connecting over interests. It’s meant to enliven your stale romantic life. The good news is that there are no hidden fees at all; the dating service is completely free.

You might be cautious about using Facebook for dating, which is to be expected. After all, even when done online, seeking a spouse is meant to be a personal right. As a result, you have the option of using Facebook Dating or not. Also, you have the option to report, ban, and even forbid anyone from sending you messages, images, videos, and other content.

You must have a Facebook dating profile in order to use the Facebook dating app. To access the functionality on this platform, you must use this profile.

You must be a Facebook user or download the Facebook app in order to access the dating app since it is a part of the main Facebook app. Making a profile is a simple process.

If you already use Facebook, as I said above, you can access the dating app on your smartphone. You can start engaging with other people on the dating platform who have similar interests to you with simply your dating profile.

However, your dating profile is separate from your Facebook; this means that none of your dating activities will be made known to your Facebook friends and even the ones you have blocked, as Facebook made sure that your dating on Facebook is kept secret.

Does Facebook Dating Show Up On Your Profile

Don’t worry as I mentioned above, Facebook made sure your Facebook dating Profile is entirely separate from your main Facebook account profile, and you have to opt in to use it.

Your Facebook profile will not even indicate that you’re on the dating platform, and your profile won’t be shown to Facebook friends neither will Facebook suggest any of your friends as matches.

Can Your Facebook Friends See If You Are On Facebook Dating 

Unless you choose to tell your friends that you are on the Facebook dating platform, none of them will know. But that notwithstanding, you can still choose to add your friends from Facebook as secret crushes, and Facebook allows you to add up to nine of your Facebook friends and if they add you back you will automatically be matched.

 How Do I Hide My Facebook Dating Profile

It simple select “Take a Break” and your profile will not be deleted and this enables you to keep any old matches and conversations, but you will no longer be visible on the app. You can also choose to turn this option off and return your account to back to function at any time of your choice.

Facebook Dating Profile Setup

To access the dating profile, you will need to create a dating profile separate from your Facebook, below are the steps to creating one for yourself;

  • Now the first step, open the Facebook app.
  • Then sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Now tap on the menu icon or three lines and tap on see more.
  • Also, tap on the dating notification or the heart icon.
  • Then fill in your gender.
  • Also, confirm your location.
  • Now arrange in order the 12-profile tile which is either a photo or an answer to one of the Facebook dating questions.
  • Also, select a dating photo to make your profile look unique.
  • Then specify your match in the dating settings on your account.

With the above steps, you can easily create your own dating profile.


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