Programming: It is a set of instructions that define behavior, programming is the manifestation of logic, that is Programming -Logic. This is why most people believed that programming requires math and then math that majorly deals with are the major top software engineering jobs. A math called discrete math is a math specifically for programming. You don’t need a formal background of these stuffs to become a great programmer and you can figure a lot of it out as you step forward. This is the reasons why people called programming Applied math. Ultimately, in the world of logic you can think of math as the theoretical branch and programming as the practical branch. This logical basis is why even though they look like code, people say that HTML and CSS are not real programming languages. It is not because they are back-end illicit. Programming and not coding skills is what most of the biggest companies test for and it is why they let you take your interview lot of the time in any language that you want. And this is why these interviews are often done on a white board and It is something called ‘Pseudo Code’. Where you are just writing out steps in plain English rather than specific coding syntax.




We could call coding the implementation or details of the logical programming solution. But as we know that is not necessarily the case because we can also code in something like HTML or CSS. So, it is harder to pin down a specific definition of coding, to be a good coder you have to learn the syntax such as different coding languages. In many ways the logical problems solving of programming is an higher level of abstraction than coding which is more focused on technical details. Details like code quality, breaking things into functions and different files and leveraging code libraries. Interestingly you can swap out different code solutions for the exact same programming outcome. This is one of the reason why the first code we write in any language is ‘Hello World’ which is plainly the same in programming terms but different in every language in coding terms. JavaScript is console.log (“Hello World!”), Python is print (“Hello World!”), and the java one which is very long. An important thing to keep in mind is that if you try to explain coding details to non-developers they will quickly be confused. This why some of the age old conflicts between technical and non-technical people on a team emerge, where the developer are pushing to refactor the code base, the project manager is asking what is the benefit of the end users.



Based on the explanation above it is very easy to say that once you know programming, coding is very easy. This why experienced developers can learn new languages so fast. Learning programming also helps you build mental manners. The world is now run by former programmers like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerburg and so on. This why a lot of people are advised to focus on programing when you are starting up and do not worry about coding language.

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