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Netizens expressed their displeasure at a preacher after he declined to baptise a baby stating her parents were not officially married
In a Facebook post, the mother of the little girl shared a letter detailing more reasons why the reverend refused to perform the ceremony
The Methodist church preacher stated the parents had sinned by getting a baby before they were united in marriage

A Methodist church reverend has left netizens bemused after he denied a woman’s request to have her child baptised.

No baptism for sinners
Reverend Dewayne Warren in a letter to the mother noted that she was living with a man she is not yet married to, terming it a sin.

According to WLTB, the Hickory Grove United Methodist church leader sent the woman identified as Kamri Mclendon a letter explaining his reasons for declining the baptism request.

Mclendon took to her Facebook to share a photo of the letter and captioned her post in part:

“Instances like this are why young people are scared to go to church. I will be the first to admit that yes I have sinned and have done wrong in my life. but how did my trying to dedicate my daughter to Jesus turn into us being shamed for being young parents and unmarried?”
See the post below:

Kamri’s Facebook post elicited comments from netizens and below are some of their reactions:

Maddie Oliver wrote:

“The hypocrisy in churches has always baffled me, how so many people can say how not judgmental they are and continue to cast people out for small things.”
Heather Roberts wrote:

“I’m so sorry that you guys were hurt. I just happened across your story and wanted to stop by and tell you that you and your little family would always be welcome in our church— no questions asked, with open arms

Aprile Gilmore wrote:

“I am so sorry this happened to y’all. Y’all are wonderful parents to a beautiful baby girl. I’ll be praying for God to lead you to a church family that loves you, Tristan, and baby Presleigh like y’all deserve.”
Kennedy Norman wrote:

“This is especially not how a servant of the Lord should treat ANYONE let alone a young girl trying to have her daughter baptized. As an unwed sinner, but still a Christian either way, I am so unbelievably sorry.”

Invalid baptism

Elsewhere, igbohoconnect News reported that a Catholic priest has tendered his resignation after realising he had been performing baptisms incorrectly for over 20 years, rendering the rite invalid for thousands of people.

As he administered the ritual, Rev. Andres Arang, based in Arizona, US, would say “We baptise you” instead of “I baptise you” as per the Vatican’s instruction.

“If you were baptised using the wrong words, that means your baptism is invalid, and you are not baptized. You will need to be baptized,” Father Thomas Olmsted told parishioners.

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