Good day. In my article today I would love share with you five biggest farm machines and tractors that will help increase farming operations. With the worlds population steadily growing, the demand for food is higher than ever and farmers must use their best machines to harvest their crops effectively and efficiently as soon as possible.

Now lets take a look at the top 5 biggest farm machines and tractors;

  1. JOHN DEERE X9 1100 COMBINE HARVESTER : At a price of over a 100million dollars, john deere x9 1100 combine harvester is an enormous machine that promises to make light work of crops and at the same time doing everything to maximize the yield featuring a 50feet wide super cutting header and an incredible output of 100 tons per hour. It is powered by a john deere power tech PSS 13.6litre engine, which generates about 600 horse power and a 330 gallon of fuel tank, which means it can operate for 14 hours before needing to be refilled. The X9 series has a number of features to improve efficiency, such as hinge cutting headers that ensures that every grains has cut, and a 8 wing chevron field accelerator that reduces the friction as the grain passes through, and a gentle fresh air seperator to ensure that there is no damage to the grain. It also has a huge 75.3sq. Feet cleaning shoe with 4 hyper performance turbine fans to make sure that all unwanted particles are removed, because of all of these the company claims that most farmers get a more greater yield in harvesting than other combined tractors.



  1. THE VOGEL BALER : Once the grass in a field have been mowed, the best use of it is to turn it to bales, but with such fast qualities this can take a very long time. Large balers are available, but in 2019 a company called the VOGEL released footage of its brand new design, which is easily the biggest baling machine in the world designed by ”T.J STEEL” after becoming frustrated that he could not find a machine that could perform the task he needed it to that was subsequently built by the manufacturer, he tabled to collect the material and made baling machines that measured 9 feet by 9 feet each separately weighs 5,600 pounds, so far all that have been build is a rather cloggy prototype but its ability to make very big bales is extremely useful in large farms. The team behind the design however have gone back to the drawing board to create improvements and adaptations such as one that will allow the bales to roll out of the machine more smoothly, once this is done they hope that will be enough to put the machine into production for customers around the world.

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  1. THE VREDO VT5518 SLURRY TANKER : In order to be efficient as possible and to generate more profit, farmers try to re use everything that would otherwise be seen as a waste product. One of the clearest example of this, is the collection of manure from animals and then spread over the crops to fertilize them, but to do this you need a SLURRY TANKER. One of the largest available is the one made by VREDO and its also known as the VT5518, powered by a 16 liter engine that produces about 544 horse powers. The company also had to develop a brand new transmission that will handle loads that will be exerted upon it, this design with all round suspension, 4 wheels steering and 3 heavy duty axles with external disc breaks, this means that you will be able to fit most of the latest types of agricultural tires to adapt to their particular environment also featuring a flap loading platform which can take a wide variety of systems such as slurry tanks, water tanks, spreader boxes and wood chippers. The designers have ensured that the engine is mouthed and centrally in front to perfectly distribute the weight and keep the load at central gravity, with the lowest pressure tires in the market, the tanker only minimally compresses the soil as it passes over while at the same time being able to spray 3,170 gallon of slurry every minute.


  1. NEW HOLLAND CR10.90 COMBINE HARVESTER : Released in 2014, the NEW HOLLAND CR10.90 COMBINE HARVESTER immediately became the biggest and most powerful one available and its still up there as one of the most efficient and time saving way to harvest large quantities of grains. It is powered by a 653 horse power 16liter engine and a 340gallon fuel tank which means it can work for an entire day before needing a refill. On board it has a 410 bushows grain tank and the ability to offload this at 4 bushows per second to its 34 feet long storage, which the company says that means their product can increase a yield by 15%. It is also extremely easy to operate when it is being operated by a colour touch screen monitor and a multi-function joy stick to be used to find the suitable speed , also featuring a high intensity discharge lights and LED is combined and effective during the nights as it is during the day, this truly allows the farm to operate 24/7.


  1. BIG BUD 16V-747 TRACTOR : Built as a custom design and built in 1977, BIG BUD 16V-747 TRACTOR remains the biggest and largest tractors to have ever been built anywhere in the world, made for cotton farmers in Carlifornia at a cost of 300 thousand dollars it is able to pull equipment more faster than anything else, so on a 35,000 acre of land this made a huge difference. The tractor itself is 27 feet long, 25.5 feet wide and 14feet tall, the tires are 8 feet in diameter and the whole machine weighs an enormous 48tons. It is powered by a detroit diesel 16 cylinder engine, that can produce up to 1,100 horse powers and it features two turbo chargers and two super chargers. It is proved to be so powerful that it was used by its original owners for 11 years on their farms to create ridges on the field, being later sold to a farmer in florida to perform the same task. BIG BUD of course cost a huge amount to keep running, so it was abandoned for a decade before being bought by another farm in 1997 close to where it was built and it worked alternating between the field of montanna and now being displayed in an agricultural museum in Huawei.



And with BIG BUD this ends our list of top 5 biggest agricultural machines in the world, stay updated on our blog to get more interesting articles on agriculture and do not forget to drop your positive comments in the comment section.

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