This One Is Yahoo Money, Not Real Money– Market Woman Says As They Reject New Naira Note (Video) - IgbohoConnect
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A market vendor was shown rejecting the new N1,000 note when a customer presented it for payment in a recent video that has gone viral.

In the video, the man entered her store to make a purchase, but when he tried to pay with the N1,000 note he offered the salesman, the owner refused to accept it.

She claimed that the cash he was trying to give her was fake and “yahoo money.”

But yesterday, December 15, 2022, a brand-new Nigerian naira note went into circulation, and that’s what the young man was using.

She called him a Yahoo kid with false dollars, and the vendor clearly refused to take it.

In response, the man called on bystanders to assist him in telling the woman that there was a new form of cash in use.

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