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The viral video of a stunning woman who became pregnant at almost 60 has shocked users on social media. On TikTok, a young woman going by the handle @africanaunty01 posted a video of herself showing off her growing baby belly.

Everyone had assumed she would be done having children at 38, but nature had different plans for her, she added in her post.

Additionally, she stated in the comments section that her monthly flow stopped 16 years ago.

When they advise having children before the age of 38, she said, “But when you’re almost 60, you get the shock of your life. I’ve had my period for 16 years.

This infant is a miracle and a pension. Deek and I will always be pals.

Massive reactions as woman gets pregnant at nearly 60

@sherriemorse2 said:

“Wow I remember when my gynaecologist advised me to be careful, that at my age all my hormones were still normal and this can happen. I’d go mental.”

@southernvoice_5 stated:

This post gives me HOPE! I’m in my early 50s and want to experience birth at least once. Thank you.”

@sheronspikes reacted:

“My mother-in-law had my husband when she was 59. You go girl.”

@user5148085287303 commented:

“A 56 friend of mine thought she was menopausal and her big tum was bloating! She thought labour pains were a kidney stone. SURPRISE! Beautiful baby.”

@andreaedwards43 remarked:

And you shall be like the tree by the rivers of waters and her leaves shall not wither the most high degreed it so sis congrats.”

Watch the video below;

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