There Future Husband Be Ready For Me” – Bobrisky Sends Message As He Makes Pounded Yam In Video - IgbohoConnect
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Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, a controversial crossdresser, warns his future husband to prepare to be fed to pleasure.

The self-proclaimed Rich Mummy of Lagos used his social media page to display his culinary prowess.

He uploaded a video of himself using a piston in the kitchen to diligently crush yam.

As he would feed him till his family hardly recognized him, Bob advised his future husband to prepare for him.

He wrote:

“Future husband be ready for me I’m gonna feed you that your family won’t recognize you lol”

Watch the video below:
In other news, A Nigerian man allegedly called off his wedding one month before the big day after discovering that his fiancée had visited her ex-boyfriend.

The wedding was supposed to take place in December, but after learning what his wife-to-be did after they got engaged, he decided to dump her.

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