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Housemate of Big Brother Naija, influencer, actor, and media figure One of the more well-known names to emerge from the Big Brother Naija series is Maria Chike Benjamin. Love her or hate her, Maria was a hugely divisive housemate whose removal remains one of the franchise’s biggest shockers.

Maria Chike discussed how people see her and the one thing they always say to her when they first meet her in a recent interview with media personality Stephanie Coker for her podcast, Me, Her & Everything Else. Here’s what Maria had to say.

During the interview, Maria was asked: “What do you think the perception of you is? Do you think there’s a perception?” She said:

Initially I didn’t think that. I thought there was a specifc perception because of certain things that happened online. But yes, there is a perception of me because when I do meet people for the first time – let’s say I go for a photoshoot or I go for an event and people meet me for the first time, they have this very “they don’t want to talk to me” kinda thing.

Naturally, I’m a very bubbly social person. I barely go out but when I go out, I’m so social and I’m very friendly. But it takes a lot to drag me out because I love my own space. Anyway, when they then meet me and talk to me or talk to me, they’re like oh my god, I actually thought you were going to be a B I T C H, you’re actually so lovely. So I’ve heard that so much everywhere I go and it makes me think wait! What is it that I give out that actually makes people think that of me? Cuz there’s never been a new person I’ve ever met, and they’re like oh my god, you’re actually so different. I’m like so different from what? What do you see? What have I given out there? It’s just pictures I post on Instagram or I do reel videos

“That’s a general consensus about most people online that if you don’t show your bubbly side, people will just think okay you’re a certain way. For example, you’re posting boujie type of pictures, you look nice, just well put together. You’re not all over the place cracking jokes or doing funny videos, people won’t tend to think that you’re bubbly”

But I don’t know people in Lagos or Nigeria to be out there just being bubbly all the time.

Hmm. What do you think about what Maria said? I won’t lie, if even I met Maria Chike on the road and she turned out to be very nice, I too would say “I didn’t expect that”. Why is that? What is that? Am I the only one that feels this way?

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