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James Brown, a transvestite, has not stopped making fun of his more experienced coworker Bobrisky.

At an event that took place last evening, November 19th, Papaya Ex was publicly humiliated by James Brown, who had formerly collaborated with content creator Papaya Ex.
James Brown further humiliated him by posting a video of him and Papaya making fun of him on Instagram. This was done in an effort to get back at him.

In the video that he uploaded to the internet, James and Papaya can be seen taunting Bobrisky in a slick manner while giving him sideways glances.

Both of them were dancing behind Bob, who was beginning to lose his composure.
To make matters even more difficult, James knelt before Bobrisky, who cautioned him to stay away from him.

He then boasted about his newfound status as Queen on his Instagram page by posting the footage in question.

James added, in a manner that was meant to be mocking, that whenever he sees his ex-Queen, he respects her.

According to him, since he is now the new Queen, he was obligated to bid her farewell and wish her well.

“When you see the ex Queen you give her respect. Because the new Queen is here”.

“I needed to greet our Ex Queen a good fare well because I’m now the new Queen of African”.

Bobrisky and James Brown

It is shocking to watch the once best friends now engaged in conflict with one another.

Only a few short months ago, Bobrisky and James had professed their love for one another.

The self-proclaimed Mummy of Lagos professed his love for James Brown during a live video session that was broadcast on Instagram. He also said that he was content with his life and proud of the person he had become.

Bobrisky asserted that he was overjoyed to hear that James Brown was flourishing professionally and personally and was pleased with his accomplishments.

Bobrisky also encouraged his audience to share the video with James Brown so that the latter might learn more about how Bobrisky feels about his work.

James Brown had also extended his congrats to his adversary on the success of his most recent endeavor.

Brown extended his heartfelt congrats to Bobrisky as the latter showed off his brand-new abode.

Even though Brown considered Bobrisky to be his mortal foe, he didn’t think it was inappropriate for him to wish Bobrisky well because the Bible instructs people to rejoice over their adversaries.

“Congratulations Bobrisky for your new house. Have always believe in your dream. When you used to tell me that you want to get your own big mansion. When I come back, I will come and eat my own cake. Even the bible says celebrate your enemies’, he wrote on Instagram.

James speaks on beef with Bobrisky

James Brown has made it clear that he does not have any ill will toward Bobrisky; yet, the latter has been acting arrogantly toward him.

James Brown made a startling revelation about the state of his relationship with Bobrisky when he stated that Bobrisky had made a death threat against him.

According to him, Bobrisky warned him that he would be killed if he did not give up his lifestyle as a drag queen.

James Brown also shared the information that Bobrisky was threatened by the development and success of his career.

“He is been trending for long, he is respected and is older than me. He has been in the industry for 7 years. I just came 3 to 4 years ago. When I came he supported me in the way he could, gave me money. As time goes I became a dancer from Instagram and moved into being a drag queen at that moment he was threatened and he became my enemy and he didn’t like me.

He threatened that if I keep being James Brown or keep being a drag queen or being the queen of Africow, he would kill me”.

James Brown disses Bobrisky

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