S$x for roles: “You RUINED many things since the day I gave you this chance”-Yomi Fabiyi leaks chat with Mo Bimpe

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Popular actor and director, Yomi Fabiyi has penned a lengthy note to actress, Oyebade Adedimeji a.k.a Mo Bimpe following claims about *** for roles.

Recall that in a question and answer session launched by the actress,  Mo Bimpe stated that Yomi Fabiyi 

insisted on dating her and when she refused, he drastically made her an enemy.

Following this, the actor recently took to his Instagram page to share their chat while narrating how they first met.

Yomi Fabiyi tried to draw the line between asking a lady out and s3.xual harassment which people accused him of indulging in.

He added that  Mo Bimpe wouldn’t be able to tear him down  

after he aided her movie career.

He wrote:

“Dear Bimpe Oyebade,

I’ve provided documentation of how the conversation began. YOU WERE MY FAN, AND I HELPED YOU GET INTO THE MOVIE INDUSTRY FOR FREE. Obviously, you began with the LOVE emoji. I don’t deserve your malice; it will backfire.

You were not introduced to me by anyone. Bimpe, you never asked to be an actress, and you didn’t show up to my audition (I have video recording of my audition). I wished you well and wished you success. You’ve ruined a lot of things since I gave you this opportunity.
You’re too desperate to be appreciative and patient. YOU WILL ONLY TRY TO TEAR ME DOWN.
Please keep in mind that from the last day we finished filming AGBEDE MEJI in December, 2016 (which to me looks like you assumed you used me because I made it so easy), I NEVER set my eyes on you again until January 2019 (three years later), during which time you produced three or more movies with my major CREW behind me.

I NEVER OFFERED YOU OR ANY S3.X ROLE, but it took you many years to admit it, and when you did, you maneuvered and still seek to ruin the LADDER who assisted you.
If it was *** for role, that implies I snagged you to play the LEAD ROLE in your first film, which got you known.
I’d rather urge to you to be brave enough to CALL YOURSELF OUT, CALL OUT those you offered *** in the business, and STOP defaming me at every chance.

I am an adult, and I have the right to be sexually attracted to any adult as long as no force or coercion is used.
I AM NOT JESUS CHRIST’S COUSIN; I have the right have s3.xual sentiments as long as they are legal.
You need to quit deceiving people on social media.
Understand the distinction between ASKING SOMEONE OUT and S3.XUAL HARRASSMENT.
It’s one thing to believe someone is a flirt, and quite another to associate it with crime. Common, get a grip, and MOVE ON.

Please state what you earn by desperation, lies, fraud, *** for role, and so forth.
Let me eat my pomo while you enjoy your turkey.
You moved South, so I could thrive in my West.

Yomi Fabiyi.”

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