Skitmaker Sabinus tenders apology after ‘pulling a Kizz Daniel’ at an event in Oko Polytechnic, Anambra - IgbohoConnect

Students of Oko polytechnic in Anambra State, where Sabinus is a skitmaker and content creator, have been asked by Sabinus to attend an event even though they did not do so previously.

Sabinus apologises

The acclaimed skitmaker was compensated financially to give a live performance at the Federal Polytechnic Oko in Anambra State.

Sabinus, also known as Mr. Funny, didn’t turn up to the event like Kizz Daniel did, which was disappointing.

Disappointment felt by several guests at the celebration manifested itself in disruptive behavior and vandalism directed toward event property.

The show promoter was reportedly humiliated and beaten mercilessly, as stated by reports found on the internet.


Sabinus made his request for forgiveness to the students on Instagram, which he posted on his account.

He attributed his inability to perform well in the competition to his poor health.

He had assured them that he would find some time during the first week of December to keep them entertained.

Sabinus continued by saying that he was prepared to reimburse the show promoter in the event that it was required.

Kizz Daniel gets into trouble with his US fans

It would appear that Sabinus has taken a page from the playbook of the musician Kizz Daniel.

To refresh your memory, Kizz Daniel ran into issues with his devoted following when he skipped an appearance at a performance that was held in Tanzania.

However, the artist did not appear to give the performance that was scheduled for him at the Warehouse, Old next door arena in Tanzania.

As they left the venue, concertgoers were captured on video throwing cups, bottles, and other items onto the stage as they left the venue.

The artist had failed to live up to his fans’ expectations for the third time with his performance, and they were unhappy as a result.

A great number of people expressed their opinions about the singer’s behavior.

Fans of his had begun calling for their leader’s arrest as a means of expressing their rage.

However, he was let go after offering an apology to the individuals involved in the incident.

Kizz Daniel sparks outrage

In addition, Kizz’s performance at the DMV drew widespread condemnation.

Kizz After Daniel had ignored his followers for several hours, he was left feeling ashamed and humiliated.

The singer arrived at the event 30 minutes late, and rather than singing himself, he made the situation worse by having the DJ play one of his songs continuously for the entire time.

After he arrived late to his event in the District of Columbia, the audience in the United States heckled him on stage.

At the same time that the crowds were yelling for refunds, they threw papers and cups at him.

On Twitter, many of them expressed their displeasure at the singer’s behavior, while others vowed to never listen to his song again. All of them were making fun of the singer.

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