See why We Africa Men Are More Romantic To Our Wives – Sanyeri - IgbohoConnect
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The stereotype that African males aren’t romantic has been debunked by actress Olaniyi Afonja, commonly known as Sanyeri.

He asserted in an interview with Saturday Beats that “African males are not inherently unromantic.” Every African man can sate his partner’s desires. They are a lot more romantic than everyone else on the earth, in my opinion.

Sanyeri gave advice to aspiring young performers, saying, “They should all be calm and patient enough to wait their turn.” They must work first, then wait patiently for their harvest. Many aspiring actors try to take shortcuts. Some of them virtually strip off for the purpose on social media. The sky is the limit for any aspiring actor who can maintain these three qualities, thus they should all strive to be hardworking, focused, and driven.

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I can act in a variety of roles, but my solidarity lies in playing comic characters, said Afonja when asked about the role he finds the most satisfying to play.

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