See How woman made her Dress Through Sachet water Nylon (watch video) - IgbohoConnect
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A Nigerian Lady identified as Adejoke Lasisi has shocked many people om social media over her wonderful creativity she made with Sachet water Nlyon.

Sharing photos of herself on Facebook, she revealed that she used 5,000 sachet water Nylon to create the dress she wore for an event.

See more of her creativity below…….

screenshot 20221214 0521565664516465842171471
screenshot 20221214 0522378301609964686459067
screenshot 20221214 0521477115040507940905931
screenshot 20221214 0522262443370972309411117
screenshot 20221214 0522482977806950326804481
screenshot 20221214 0522082589733139821005798
screenshot 20221214 052037542250719987910802

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