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young man with naturally long hair appeared in a video that quickly went viral.

The proud young man going by the name of Jacob Evangelista took to his TikTok account to reveal his hair, seemingly in response to others who had always wished to see it displayed in its entirety.

The charming young man stretched his hair to show that it was natural while bending over and pulling his head back like a model posing for a photograph.

As of the time this story was written, the video has thousands of views and more than 100k likes on the social media platform.

People praised his hair and wanted to know his secret. Some ladies gushed about his appearance and how perfect the hair looks on him.

Watch the video below:

Many people praised his hair

its_beckynefisat01 said:

“If my hair was as long as this..I won’t add any attachment…ur hair is lovely sweedy.”

Andrace said:
“From a jealous point of view even if you have beautiful hair we are all going to die heaven is the goal.”

Kizzy Jex said:
”See hair am even saying I have the best hair not until I see this, now am jealous.”

beatricelee198 said:
“Some girls are so lucky imagine this boy has a girlfriend.”

Mama said:
It makes you looks like a lady while unpacked so cute.”

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