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DaddyFreeze, an OAP and founder of the Free the Sheep organization, has counseled women who are in violent marriages and relationships to seek treatment from experts rather than their clergy.

Freeze reminded such women in a post on his Instagram page that Osinachi Nwachukwu, a gospel singer who passed away in April following years of suspected domestic abuse from her husband, Peter Nwachukwu, could not be saved by prayer or preaching.

Late Bimbo brother reveal
Igbohoconnect news recall that late Bimbo Ogbonna, wife of auto dealer Ikechukwu Ogbonna, was reported to have passed away. According to her brother, his family tried everything to keep her away from IK, but she kept returning to him.

Oyindamola stated in response to comments left on his Instagram page that all began when an 18-year-old Bimbo met Ikechukwu. He claimed she had paid Ikechukwu all of her tuition before quitting school altogether. He added that after numerous unsuccessful warnings for them to end their relationship, Bimbo’s family brought her to reside in Abuja. IK, however, got in touch with her and threatened to commit suicide if she didn’t call him back. According to him, Bimbo rushed to Lagos to be with him.

Oyindamola added that their family even offered to pay IVD money to stay away from young Bimbo at the time, but they continued their relationship.

He said he believes Bimbo and IVD had a blood covenant because she kept going back to him even with all that was going on.

See his comments below

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