Please Dont Blame Me I Took Them Shopping Bought Them

A South African man has publicly acknowledged having HIV and given his reasoning for not apologizing to those he infected.

The young man who confessed he has HIV gave a comprehensive account of how he used his money to buy drinks, clothes, and wigs for the ladies he had personal encounters with in a viral video.

Noting that he was not born with HIV, he claims to have had sexual relations with different women. He says that as a result of his philandering ways, he doesn’t know who in particular infected him with the disease.

He, however, noted that he has not deliberately infected anyone with HIV since he discovered his status.

Phyna visits Her Parents and gifts Them A Brand New car

A gift that most parents would be happy to receive from their children is spending time with them and giving them gifts at the same time. This can be applied to the well-known big brother naija season 7 winner and hype priestess who just visited her parents and also bought something new for them, which she then gave to her father.

Since she won the seventh season of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show in November 2022, Phyna has posted videos and photos shot recently with her parents. She claimed that this is the first time they had seen her since then.

Recall that her parents were present at the show’s grand finale to support and adore her, especially after it was revealed that she had won and was only the second woman to ever reach that height.

Her love for family is demonstrated by her visit to her parents and her present of her Dad with a brand-new red Lexus automobile, which demonstrates that she is also a blessing to them.

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They Are Just Seeing Me For The First Time Since

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