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Beautiful Opemipo Bamgbopa broke into the Nigerian movie industry at a very tender age. As a child actor people started paying her attention when she starred in the TV series ‘Living next to you’ created by Opa Williams.

Ope has now grown into a beautiful damsel, smart, tactful and intelligent.

The role interpreter who got the moniker ‘Maradona’ for her outstanding role in the movie with same title, is currently an undergraduate of the Lagos State University.

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She was very young when she played a lead role as a wife of rich man in a movie titled ‘Maradona’ some years back. She was a wife to Ogogo in the movie and her role was amazing one, she played the role of a very rude wife to her husband and others domestic staff.

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I’m talking about Opemipo Bamgbopa, the very talented actress who sturned many people with her mrole in Maradona Movie. As I said earlier, she was a naugty wife of Ogogo, a very rich man.

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Opemipo is now big girl, the young girl of yesterday is now a very beautiful and robust lady

Opemipo popularly known as Maradona, took after her thespian mother, Bose Joseph.

Apart from Maradona, Opemipo have featured in many home videos before she took a break to pursue her education, but she is now back to take her place in make to belief world.

Maradona is from Epe, Lagos State, currently studying Transport Management at Lagos State University.  Her mummy, Bose has really helped her to achieve her goal in her chosen career, she is always with her both in location and off location.

Check her out, how will you rate her beauty, I want to hear from you guys.

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