A Nigerian couple finally got to meet their twins after thirty years of longing.

pregnancy after 30 years igbohoconnect

The young couple had been married for thirty years, yet they had never given birth to any children.

However, the Lord chose to give them two children at a time as a way of blessing them with their own offspring.

In a video clip, the happy couple could be seen holding their newborn children.

IgbohoConnect news recall After eighteen years of marriage, a Nigerian man and his wife have finally welcomed a baby daughter.

She thanked him for sticking by her sister-in-law throughout the years of waiting. The man, known as Ken Ezo Zino Udio Irorobeje, shared the good news on his social media page.

Irorobeje words on her page reads ;

“18 years of waiting. 18 years of prayers!!! 18years of faith!!!! 18years of believing in God!!! 18years of mercy!!!!! 18years Patient !!! 18years of hope!!!! 18years of tries!!!! Today we stand strong because he is God. A big congratulations to my dearest Sister in-law and darling Husband, Uncle k na Man U be. Thanks so much Sir for standing strong with her and staying faithful Sir!!! Your type are rare Sir. Join my welcome our priceless Diva. Alvin welcome his baby Cousin!!!!

View the video here:


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