My Everything, Most Precious” – Nollywood Actor, Damola Olatunji Hail Wife, Bukola Awoyemi Ahead Of Her Birthday - IgbohoConnect
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Damola Olatunji, one of the most talented Nollywood actors, posted a striking snapshot of his stunning wife Bukola Awoyemi, popularly known as Bukola Arugba, on his social media pages less than 48 hours before her birthday.

He praised his wife Bukola Awoyemi as the most beautiful, clever, loving, bothersome, stubborn, considerate, prayerful, and cute person while sharing an eye-catching, elegant, and stunning snapshot of her.

Damola Olatunji, who is best known for appearing in Yoruba movies, is regarded as one of the most versatile Nollywood actors, producers, filmmakers, writers, and directors in the Nigerian Nollywood industry. Due to the length of time he has spent working in the field, he is also regarded as a veteran. He has several admirable qualities, including his good looks, versatility, intelligence, talent, and ability to play different parts exceptionally effectively. He has been in a number of Yoruba films.

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Celebrities like Toyin Adegbola and Toyosi Adesanya, as well as fans and followers, have remarked on this lovely photo published.

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