“Love is cold and garnished with lies” – Veteran Actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola says - IgbohoConnect

Veteran actress Opeyemi Aiyeola, has given advice to those looking for true love. The Nollywood actress, has shared some relationship tips to her fans who are still looking for love.

She said that genuine love still exists out there but one has to be patient enough to be blessed with one.

She wrote:

“There was a time in my life I was running kitikata searching for acceptance and pure love from people and every time it felt like I found it, BOOMMMMMM.

1st rule: love urself so much that when human proclaim love u can read in btw the lines.

2nd rule: understand that it’s the end time and love is cold, garnished with lies and evil. Got absolutely nothing to do with age, status, class, profession or religion

3rd rule : Ur instinct is there for a reason .Be calm to listen and follow its lead.

Genuine love though scarce is still out dere never give up.”


Recall that Opeyemi Aiyeola had earlier disclosed the challenges she faced in her marriage and how she was able to overcome them.

The movie star was speaking about the imperfections people face in their marriages when she celebrated Olayiwola Babatunde, her husband.

She posted a picture of her family on Instagram while admitting that there were moments of “disagreement and huge fights” that almost threatened her marriage.

She, however, stated that despite the imperfections, she and her husband have been able to stick together because of love and their goal to remain together.


“We play so much, yet we have our moments of disagreement, huge fights and threats to our union.

“Just because we’re two imperfect being living in an imperfect world, surrounded by imperfections, working towards the same goal of togetherness, individual happiness and love.”

The actress tied the knot with her husband in 2007. The union is blessed with two children.

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