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The controversy that has been going on between the infamous crossdresser Bobrisky and the controversial brand influencer Papaya Ex has prompted responses from Internet users.

According to a report from Kemi Filani News, two people who are sworn foes, Bobrisky and Papaya Ex, almost got into a fight on Sunday night after they noticed each other at an event.

Bobrisky could be seen in the video that was going viral on the internet sitting at a table during the event, with Papaya Ex standing behind him providing support. The socialite and her crew were observed giving Bobrisky, who was going about his business as usual, the cold shoulder in a chic and sophisticated manner.

It is staged Netizens slam Bobrisky and Papaya Ex over their fight at an event
However, the crossdresser became enraged at Papaya Ex’s comments, and she threw a bottle in her direction as a result. To Papaya Ex’s good fortune, the bottle did not come into contact with her.

On the other hand, in a another video clip, Papaya could be seen giving Bobrisky a mocking dance step while Bobrisky was attempting to keep his dignity at the event. The crossdresser was so enraged that he issued a warning to those who were recording him to stop doing so.

Netizens react to Papaya Ex and Bobrisky’s drama

Netizens have reacted to the fight between Bobrisky and Papaya Ex ; they asserted that the whole drama is staged because they want to trend.

@official_dihekola: I feel like saying something but I no trust my English. But it was staged, planned, acted!!

@jamsheila: So y’all are now fighting for who’s living the fake life better?? Misplaced priorities left right and generation my generation

@nnenna_aldo: Bobrisky is low key very envious. He fights with everyone who is getting the public’s attention…While claiming they are copying him. Smh. Senior man change o

@fashion_magic: I feel both of them planned it

@ebylistic: But just one question, Why does Bob fight with everybody he is close to? And he thinks they all are the problem??? know for a fact that humans aren’t perfect, but common, u can have issues with almost everyone and claim self righteous nau!! Abi, u people should help me understand, because I’m not understanding again!!!

@amyskitchenandtreats: This Their Fight Is Staged And It’s Being Promoted By Tosin

@nnenna_aldo: I love how papaya and James danced near him this evening James Papaya 2- Senior man Bob

@adepejuruth_cateringservice: Kini gbogbo Radarada oshi yiiiii bayiiiii???? No wonder buhari don’t care about us… Just imagine the most oloriburuku update of two radarada citizens.. Tell me the meaning of this now????

@toh.mee: Una two dey craze…on December 18th now we would see both of them dancing together. You staged it. You think we are fools?

@rebeccah_dee: I used to like bobrisky when I thought he was just standing up for shimself but it’s very evident shim is problematic and envious of her friends or anyone for that matter.

@_toyorcee: Abeg them don Dey beat each other? It is a staged something..Dem won trend by force.

Genesis of Bobrisky and Papaya Ex fight

On Saturday, it was reported by Kemi Filani news that Bobrisky and Papaya had engaged in a verbal confrontation on social media.

The whole thing started when Papaya Ex made a snide comment about Bob’s forthcoming housewarming party to Papaya.

The invitations to the party that the content creator was throwing were sent out.

The content creator and Bobrisky followed a comparable invite pattern with each other. She also presented each of her guests with a bottle of champagne, a glass cup, and other items in addition to the invitation card.

Recall that Bobrisky had sent out invitations in 2021 along with a gift basket that included a bottle of champagne, a perfume sample, and other items.

In light of the fact that the two share many characteristics in common, Bobrisky went on his social media page to criticize the socialite.

He ridiculed her dress, which he compared to an outfit worn at the LAWMA, and pointed out how she was imitating his methodology.

Bobrisky, in his arrogance, boasted that he is in the driver’s seat while everyone else follows.

Because he is already larger than she is, he cautioned her to stop struggling against him.

Bobrisky opens up on his beef with Papaya

Speaking on his beef with her, the crossdresser revealed that Papaya imitates his style, steals his brands, and patronizes the same vendors as his.

According to Bob of Lagos, Papaya copied all his styles while proving to be bigger than him in the influencing game and in terms of beauty.

He further threatened to beat up the influencer while encouraging her to maintain the same energy when they meet in person.

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