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Mercy Aigbe has totally accepted Islam since being married to marketer Kazim Adeoti.

The actress is gradually converting to Islam, which is shown in her manner of dressing, her demeanor, and other aspects of her life.

Mercy Aigbe revealed her new title, Hajia Kazim Adeoti, by posting lovely images of herself on Instagram while dressed in traditional Muslim garb.

She wrote,

“Hajia Kazim Adeoti”

The actress who shocked the world when she announced in January that she was dating a married man with four kids made a public change to her name.

GPN did a check on her Instagram bio, and discovered that the actress had taken up her husband’s name.

Mercy Aigbe is now be referred to as Mercy Aigbe Adeoti.

The new update to her name came after she stormed her husband’s village for the Sallah celebration.

To make her mark as the wife of marketer, Kazim Adeoti, Mercy Aigbe had stormed his hometown, Oro town in Kwara for the second time to celebrate the festivities.

Ever the philanthropic queen, Mercy Aigbe brought a lot of foodstuffs to reach out to the less privilege.

Mercy Aigbe shared a video on her Instagram page of her showing love to the widows, and aged women in her husband’s hometown.

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