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If we’re talking about Yoruba actors who can sing and act, Ibrahim Chatta should be on the list.
If you want to learn about Ibrahim Chatta’s Biography, Career, and Net Worth, then read on.


Ibrahim Chatta is a well-known Yoruba actor, producer, singer, songwriter, and film director in Nollywood.
He is also a songwriter and singer. He is one of the few Nigerian actors who made it to the hall of fame despite having little formal education. He dropped out of school in Primary 3 to pursue acting before becoming well-known for his role in the award-winning Yoruba film “Aiyekooto,” which translates as “Parrot” in English.
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Early Life & Education

  • Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta Popularly known as Ibrahim Chatta was born on October 13, 1970. As you have already understood Ibrahim Chatta age is 50 years as of 2020. Ibrahim Chatta state of origin is Kwara. He grew up in a large family of 14 children and the mother originates from Modakeke in Osun state.
  • Ibrahim Chatta’s does not have a secondary or higher education. According to the actor, his lack of education was due to peer pressure.

He said

“Everything happened because of the pressure of peers. I was young, I was attracted to everything new, and I could not put my mind that education is so important.

Since I was a child, I wanted to become an actor, but I had no idea that it would take so much. As a result, I left school in the third grade.” He had never studied at university but had learned a lot on his own.


  • Ibrahim’s Chatta fame didn’t come easy. He worked as a bus conductor to sustain his acting career. His glory days began after he featured in an award-winning movie titled Aiyekooto since then, he has acted in many Nollywood movies.

Ibrahim Chatta Movies

  • Ever since he began acting in 2012 he has produced, directed, scripted and featured in many Nigeria movies and he is a role model in the industry.

These are some of the Nollywood films he has acted in:

  • Leyin Igbeyawo
  • Irawo Oke
  • Akisa
  • Aiye Dudu
  • Odun baku
  • Omin
  •  Awure Eni
  • Oluwo Agbaye
  • Olokiki Oru
  • Mafi wonmi
  • Atini o’go

And Lot more


  • Ibrahim has won many Awards among the awards are, Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2012, Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in the movie, Aiyekooto and City People Entertainment Awards 2016 Nomination for the Best Actor of the year.
  • However, the actor recently made a controversial statement about awards in an interview when he revealed that most Nigerian awards lack credibility. According to him, most award organizers wouldn’t honor you if you don’t submit your film in the entries.
  • He reiterated that the organizers usually ask movie stars if they will be attending the event ceremony and if they are not coming, they automatically lose the awards.
  • Also, he revealed that some awards wouldn’t give you awards if you don’t ‘buy’ seats at the event.

Personal Life

  • Ibrahim has been married three times. His first marriage was to Olayinka Solomon, but unfortunately, the couple went their separate ways after a few years. According to reports, the marriage ended in divorce and mutual recrimination with Solomon accusing him of wife battery, a charge he denied.
  • Very soon Chatta found solace in the arms of the daughter of former Governor of Kwara state, Shaaba Lafiaji, Salamatu Mohammed Lafiaji. They met in 2007 and had a traditional wedding on December 30, 2012.
  • Very quickly news began to appear that the couple had problems. The reports alleged that when the mother of the wife visited the house in which the family lived, she was shocked and upset by the living conditions of her daughter because it did not correspond to the rich upbringing, to which she was accustomed.
  • Salamatu revealed that she had met Ibrahim on the set of Kunle Afod’s movie titled Tiwonsikanga in 2007. They started living together from 2008 and subsequently got married in 2012. But she discovered that he was a womanizer and a gold digger. In fact, he had found a way to collect all the money in her account before she realized what was going on. The estranged wife also revealed that his constant beatings resulted in a miscarriage.
  • But Ibrahim denied the allegations and said that he never hit her. In fact, the only woman he ever hit was his first wife which was a response to her slapping him.
  • Narrating his own side of the story, Ibrahim revealed that there was no trust in the union when he married Salamatu. According to the actor, he did everything he could to make the marriage work he later heard that she told him that she had stopped loving him since 2012 when they did their Nikkah wedding. She further revealed to her sister that she had been pretending all the while.
  • Nonetheless, Ibrahim disclosed that he didn’t allow that to deter him as he continued to make efforts and was willing to put things in order.
  • Also, there was a rumour that Salamatu had left him because his apartment was shabby and when her mother came to visit them she was quite disappointed with her daughter’s living condition. But Ibrahim refuted the claims as he stated that he was living in a four bedrooms with two sitting rooms so the home was never an issue.
  • The actor also revealed that he loves having people around him and his ex-wife had issues with that even though she knew he was like that even before they got married.
  • Ibrahim lamented that he has been labeled a wife beater based on this unfounded rumors and this has led to him losing several endorsement deals. The actor went further to state that anyone with evidence that he is a wife-beater should come forward with evidence.
  • In 2016, Ibrahim tied his fate to Lizzie Berry. This is the third marriage of the actor, and it was shrouded in mystery because the information was leaked a week before the wedding. The wedding, as it became known, was caused by Lizzie’s pregnancy. Then she was in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • The actor refused to comment on the details of his marriage. However, we hope that now he is happy in his third marriage and enjoys being a daddy.

Net Worth

  • Ibrahim Chatta is a renowned Nigerian actor and movie director. He is popular for his roles in Yoruba movies and came into the hall of fame after he featured in “Aiyekooto”. Ibrahim Chatta’s net worth is an estimated $200,000.

Ibrahim Social Media Handles

Instagram: @Ibrahimchatta_lordthespis

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) Related To Ibrahim Chatta Biography

Q1). What tribe is Ibrahim Chatta?

Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta is of Tapa descent (Nupe ethnic group), although his mother is from Modakeke, Osun State

Q2). Is Ibrahim Chatta education?

No, Ibrahim Chatta’s does not have a secondary or higher education. According to the actor, his lack of education was due to peer pressure.

Q3). Who is Ibrahim first wife?

His first marriage was to Olayinka Solomon

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