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Ibrahim Chatta is a skilled actor who is adept at getting his followers’ attention everytime he posts fresh pictures of himself on social media.

The actor with dark skin captioned the images, “My birthday party still coming up on the 30th.” Ibrahim Chatta added that everyone has a right to their own opinion and he doesn’t care what people think of him.

Ibrahim Chatta has acquired a new set of dreadlocks, which complement his white T-shirt well. She was also sporting a T-shirt with several colours.

The gifted actor posts pictures of himself holding the woman’s waist and kissing her on the cheek. He grabbed the woman by the back and kissed her neck.

Ibrahim Chatta also carries the lady as he kissed her on the neck.

I Choose Beautiful Ladies Only – Ibrahim Chatta Brag New Wife

Igbohoconnect News Recalled That Ibrahim Chatta is one of the most gifted Nollywood actors, and anytime he posts fresh pictures of himself online, his followers react in kind

Have you seen a gorgeous gal today? was the actor’s caption for the images.

The lady wore a face cap, which looks excellent with her short gown, while Ibrahim Chatta got himself a new dreadlock that complements his leather jacket

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