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The pastor was dissatisfied in the majority of the church members since they failed to give tithes and offerings.

During the offering period, the bulk of the congregation members exhibited hesitation, and the man of God was observed telling them to get up and leave.

As shown in the video, only two persons were seen moving to the front to drop their donations in the basket.

After leading a brief prayer, the pastor gave the congregation the go-ahead to leave for their homes.

Father we thank you for the offerings today, we appreciate you in Jesus’ name. Let’s stand up as we go home,” he said.

Then the prophet of God chastised the congregation for not giving offerings.

“You know we will not be joking when it comes to giving. If you don’t want to give just go home. I release the blessing as you go home. Enjoy your week in Jesus’ name. Amen!” he continued.

In the red-carpeted church, the preacher announced to the congregation that he would not ask for money.

“Take those baskets to the office. We are through. Mbarikiwe. You are blessed. I will not beg people in this church to give. I’m not a beggar,” he added.

Wamutahi posted the video on Twitter, where his followers flocked to provide comments with a variety of viewpoints.

The bulk of the church members neglected to provide tithes and offerings, which left the pastor feeling disappointed in them.

Because the majority of the congregation members shown hesitancy during the offering time, the man of God was seen ordering them to rise up and go.

Only two people were shown moving to the front to place their donations in the basket as shown in the video.

The pastor led a brief prayer before instructing the congregation to go for home.

Social media reactions


“Na watarudi next Sunday?”


“You can’t force people to give…”


“My son religion is a scam.”


“Christians should understand God loves and blesses them whether they give or not.”


“Pride comes before a fall. Ile Kiburi huyu pastor ako nayo ni worse.”

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