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A divorced mother of two who goes by the TikTok handle Edimac28 claims that she will soon turn 31 and has accomplished nothing of significance.

She admitted that she does not own a house, a car, or a well-paying work. She claims that while appearing to be happy on social media, she is not.

She went on to say that neither her ex-husband nor her children are being financially or emotionally supported by him.

She has been in charge of the role of taking care of her kids on her own.

She however added that she believes everything would be fine because she is trusting the process.

In her words:
“Pretending to be okay, meanwhile I’m turning 31 after 2 weeks, no house, no car, no stable job, divorced with two kids, baby daddy not supporting the kids, but I’m trusting the process.”

Watch the video below:

See The Social Media Reaction;

@vuyanim2:got my house nd 1st car at age 35, finally my dream job at 36.Things took a turn in just 6 months.. Trust me God will still show up for you

@user7168568222367:Got hired at the age of 49 after being unemployed for years

@joysile1:I walked away at 28 , with 2 kids . I’m 42 today and God has been carrying me. Trust me he has not forgotten about you . He’s coming with victory

@nomphithidunywa090:That was me at 30 now I’m 35 I have all of those because God’s timing is always perfect and baby daddy be like I wanna see my kids imagine

@jaimemanoirceur8:A have a friend who has two kids her baby daddies don’t come through. She works hard for them and I help sometimes. I admire her.

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