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A Nigerian lady who makes bricks to pay for her education finished college.

According to information that has reached us, the woman is named Sharon Mbabazi, and her mother is reportedly running late.

But despite losing her mother when she was just 5 years old, Sharing is working to pay for her own further education.

Elphas Saizi praised Sharon’s accomplishment in a LinkedIn post, pointing out that the Ugandan woman acquired a degree in communications and showed the world the value of tenacity.

She is living proof that determination and perseverance by themselves are sufficient for any task. Unquestionably, resolve has strength!

In her words, sharon said;

“My village mates mocked me for being home because of school fees default, they used to call us poor because of our nearly falling house made out of soil.

These made me work even harder just to show them that I can change my life and that of my family too. And indeed it happened.”

She said: “People could take my bricks and fail to pay me. But I looked at my background and swore never to give up

Sharon who now own a furniture shop with many employees, therefore urged people to keep on working hard and never give up, saying it is in their hands to give themselves the change they desire.

Another young african lady graduates as a Medical Doctor from United Kingdom University with first-class
Khadija Owusu, an amazing young lady from Ghana, graduated with honors as a medical doctor from St. George’s, the University of London, UK, after receiving a top-notch Bachelor’s degree.

Khadija Owusu, a member of the 2021 graduating class, was also identified as one of the top 10 black students in the UK.

She began her higher educational adventure at St. George’s, the University of London, earning a Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences with Immunity and Infections.

She continued on to enroll in a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery program at the same St. George’s, the University of London, after earning an amazing first-class in her undergraduate degree.

Khadija Owusu spent a total of 6 years obtaining her medical degree. She characterized her voyage as the realization of a dream. “I began this six-year trip in 2015.”

I appreciate God for all of His blessings because the dream I’ve had since I was a little kid has finally come true,” she wrote on her social media account.”

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