Fans Throw Shade At Lizzy Anjorin As Her Husband 3rd wife, Fola Tinubu get surprised with a Toyota SUV on her birthday (video) - IgbohoConnect

Fans of Lizzy Anjorin’s husband Alhaji Lateef Lawal’s third wife, Fola Tinubu, surprise her with a Toyota SUV and a sizable cash gift.

lizzy anjorin nollywood actress

As was previously reported, Lizzy Anjorin publicly humiliated Fola Tinubu’s parents while threatening to reveal embarrassing information about them.

Lizzy Anjorin says that Fola’s father is now suffering from a stroke and that she will upload a picture of him on the hospital bed looking disheveled.

She goes on to say that Fola’s mother went missing and has not been located.

IgbohoConnect news recall that Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin, a NollyWood actress and film producer, has made it known to the world that Lateef Lawal, her husband, has never cheated on her since the two of them were united in matrimony.

However, Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin has spoken about her husband’s loyalty to her before, even before they were married.

You might find it interesting to know that Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin made this disclosure in reaction to a claim that her husband, Lateef Lawal, had been unfaithful to her, per news.

The actress claimed in her declaration that she could swear with her life that her spouse had never cheated on her. She said that their marriage has never experienced a crisis and that her husband is more than faithful.

Lateef is a good man at heart, according to Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin. Everyone has their own personalities, therefore he might have one. Lawal is obstinate and strong-willed. But it’s impossible that he would make fun of me by having affairs with other women “.

“He hasn’t cheated on me or had extramarital affairs since we were married, I can swear on my life,” Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin said.

Well, I believe the actress should quit telling people about her marriage in public. It might be hazardous.

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