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Gospel musician and music producer Wiliam Getumbe of Eldoret has talked openly about his bedwetting and how he manages it.

The musician revealed that his wife, Virginia Masitha, is aware of his illness and that she is the one who diapers him each night before they go to bed in an exclusive interview with’s Brian Ajon.

According to Getumbe, many adults bed-wet but most of them are too shy to share it with their partners and this, he claims, has broken many families. The Fuata Yesu hitmaker heaped praise on his wife for accepting him and even diapering him like a baby every night. “Many families have been broken because of bedwetting. However, my wife understands me so well, she diapers me every night without looking down on me,” Getumbe said.

Getumbe claimed that many mature men wet their beds at night; he has advised anyone with the condition to accept it and uses diapers to avoid embarrassment. “Many men are using pampers, in fact, high schoolers, drunkards, and those who are terminally ill. I advise men not to fear using diapers, it is the only way to keep the bedroom clean,” Getumbe added.

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