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Ebuka Uchendu, a media star, surprised his wife today on her birthday by crediting her bank account.

Cynthia mentioned on her Twitter page that she received a pleasant credit notice from him when she woke up.

The happy birthday person remarked how the notification was a great way to start her special day.

“Woke up to a nice bank alert from le boo. Birthday off to a good start”.

Ebuka Uchendu celebrates wife’s birthday
To top off the credit alert, Ebuka penned a sweet note to her.

The fashion enthusiastic had revealed the one thing he has learnt from his wife, Cynthia as she celebrates her birthday today.

Taking to his Instagram page to delight fans with stunning photos of his queen, he revealed the most important thing he has learnt from her.

Though the past year had been a roller coaster for them, he has learnt that his wife is way tougher than ever.

Praising her for being a ‘dope chick’, he expressed excitement at the positive energy she would be bringing in her new age

“The past year was a bit of a roller coaster for you. But the one thing I learnt that you’re waaay together than even you imagined. Such a dope chick!! Now, I’m loving the positive vibe you’re going into this new year with. Besides the fact that the glow is about to be even more blinding, I can’t imagine all the blessings that lie ahead, life with you has been this amazing already…

Happy birthday Onye nke mu. Thanks for showing me what true kindness, loyalty and selfless love actually looks like. You are a shining star!! And I love all you”.

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