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There is commotion in the palace of the Ooni, as one of his alleged concubines, Lola is loosing her cool over his reluctance to wed her.

The said concubine had been with the Ooni, before his marriage to Naomi, and had been contending for his heart with his now fifth wife, Queen Ronke Ademiluyi.

Blogger, Gistlover claimed that the alleged concubine had been living with the Ooni for a long time.

The post reads,

“Ooni of Ife old concubine loosing her cool, waiting for her own date.

Information reaching headquarters be say this lady, Lola was in Ooni of Ife life before Naomi cake on board, Na Lola and Ronke been dey share Ooni prick before Naomi came on board, infact Lola was already living with Ooni for palace before before. As it is now, a close source told me she is been thinking and waiting for her own date with faith. Horny (Ooni) of Ife, Biko give Lola her own date too ooo make d**d body no surplus oooo meanwhile, another wife is on the way, she is an one I lady too, I say na 102 wife’s we dey go seh, I dey sell form ooo, if you want be Queen for Oonirisha palace, get your form for my dm for shikini money, igi ewedu oni wo pawa ooooo, I come in peace”.

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