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The Nigerian artist Timaya recently discussed who he thinks is the father of this new generation of singers when he sat down with the hipsters at Cool FM in November. Cool FM was told by Timaya:

Rema, Rema has my support. He is the youngest of all the boys. Rema is indeed their father. Come on, you can’t be serious. Look at his arms and the way he is dressed—absurd. it’s He is a fine young lad, and he is intentional about his music and stage presence. What are you assuming?

Well, this week, Rema himself went ahead to also have a conversation with the cool people over at Cool FM, and during his interview with them, they told Rema about what Timaya said about him. Here’s how Rema responded.

During the interview, Rema was asked: “We had Timaya here a couple of weeks back and he mentioned, he said of the new cats, of the guys who are doing so well in the industry, you are the popsy. You are their dad. How does that make you feel?”

Wow! Coming from a legend I’m very grateful. Someone told me, my photographer. He told me about Timaya, he told me Timaya rocks with me. Like he just overheard Timaya talking about me and you know? It takes – look, these people are huge! They’ve done a lot for the culture and it means a lot for them to recognize someone young you know doing their thing. Like I’m not trying to point fingers but there are a lot of OGs that feel too OG to even give the shoutout, but like, it means a lot. For someone to praise you that much. I don’t know if I’m a popsy oh! [laughs] Ehn, I don’t know about that one. I’m just doing my thing and me just believing in myself and just doing my thing, I feel like the people will have to choose that. Like people just call me the prince of Afrobeats not because I started shouting that I’m the prince of Afrobeats but the people choose their king and I think it is what it is.

Awww! What Timaya said is still just very nice and seeing and hearing Rema’s reaction to it is also very heartwarming. It is true, these validations from the OGs really mean a lot to these younger artistes. I think it’s high time more OGs actually start shouting out the up and coming ones that they like because just a simple word as that can really transform someone’s career or just give them that little nudge to know that they’re doing well. Big up to Timaya and major shoutout as well to Rema. What do you think about what both men said?

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