Gooday! Welcome to my blog, I am Ola, I am here today to briefly explain some of the advantages of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). There is nothing wrong with procedural method of write programming languages but most developers prefer OOP as it has a lots of advantages.


Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a software design language paradigm that centers on functional objects or data rather than logic and functions; it focuses on what developers want to manipulate rather than how they want to use them.
This strategy entails
An object can be any physical entity, such as a human being, that is large, complicated, and actively updated or maintained.
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is founded on four fundamental principles: encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism.


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In this post, I will be looking at some of the advantages of Object Oriented Programming OOP, I have some of the advantages highlighted below:

  • Easy, efficient and compact coding

It is easy for other programmer to write the code less code, this means with OOP, you do more with less,

  • Code written in OOP can be easily extended with the new requirements.
One of the most essential aspects of OOP is that we may continually adding new feature requests. We may quickly modify or add new requirements as we see fit. This indicates that we can quickly modify existing programs.
  • Better control and security of data and member functions.
We have the notion of access modify in OOP, such as public, protected, and private, which allows us to safeguard our codes and limit specific parts of our codes. We will be able to block access to unauthorized users as a result of this.
  • Errors can be detected and handled efficiently

In OOP, error detection is easier compare to other methods. OOP is efficient in detecting error easily.

  • Support for best coding practice

Using OOP, our approach of write codes get improved.

  • Easily separates code specification and implementation.
We construct programs in OOP utilizing class principles, creating separate sections for our needs specifications and functions, making it easier to trace our codes and gain a better grasp of our codes. Because of OOP, this is feasible.
  • Same code can be used in multiple projects that is reusability gets improved.
One of the reasons for utilizing OOP is reusability; rather than writing the same code several times, we reuse the existing codes in OOP; the less lines of code, the better the application’s speed.
  • Performance gets improved.

when codes are simple and precise, this will increase the performance of our application. OOP is the best when it comes to application performance.

  • Easily maintains the code

In Object Oriented Programming OOP, codes are being written in such a way at any point in time, if we are to make any correction, codes in OOP are easy to edit and maintain.

  • Provides a better way of representing the code

In Object Oriented Programming, we are representing the codes in form of classes, this makes it easier for programmers to read and understand.

  • Programmer can easily understand the code

Code wring in Object Oriented Programming OOP is easy to understand by programmer, codes in OOP are always well organized.

  • Provide better conceptualization and modelling using real world object.
In Object Oriented Programming, we utilize real-world objects to aid in conceptualizing the problem and understanding it better.



Object Oriented Programming is extensively used in most technology-based firms since it simplifies work and reduces developer stress while working on dynamic projects.

We have explored some of the benefits of Object Oriented Programming in this lesson, which indicates that Object Oriented Programming eliminates DRY, which simply means you should not repeat yourself.
Object Oriented Programming is very good at code reusability, it is very efficient, it is easy to comprehend and debug, and it is simple to add additional functions depending on client demands.

Some programming languages, such as PHP, allow you to write procedural code, however Object Oriented Programming is widely recommended for large projects due to its scalability.



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