Actress Regina Daniels Reveal The Message She Received From Her Ex- Lover Somadina - IgbohoConnect
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The well-known Nollywood actress Regina Daniels, who is married to the wealthy Nigerian businessman Ned Nwoko, took to Instagram to share a message from her ex-boyfriend, Adinma Somadina. The remark from Somadina, who informed the actress that he adores the role she portrayed in one of her films and that she has improved dramatically as an actor, was posted on the actress’ Instagram story.

He also praised her, telling her that she was no longer a young girl but had developed into a mature woman. The actress thanked him and called him Som baby in her own response, expressing her happiness at receiving such a complimentary message from him.

The message that was by Somadina read, “Love the character here.” You have really grown in your acting. It’s not the small Gina I’m seeing again; it’s the mature one. Nice one. The actress, in her own response, replied by saying, “Som baby, thank you.”

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