Actor Kunle Afod’s wife talks about giving birth through CS four times and how she almost aborted her 4th pregnancy

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Desola Afod, wife of Yoruba actor Kunle Afod, has spoken about having four children by Cesarean section and nearly aborting the fourth due to financial constraints.
In an Instagram post commemorating the 2nd birthday of her last kid, Yiyenitemi, the young mother renowned for her’say-it-all’ on social media told how her heart was melted when she finally laid eyes on her young guy.
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I previously had four guys in my life for various reasons Nigerian lady It was my fourth cs, she wrote.  He desired to terminate his pregnancy due to a lack of funds (been the 4th cs, its expensive)

Your kindness blew me away. God bless and keep everyone since you have all had a significant effect on my life and YIYENITEMI.
Abortion was desired due of a lack of funds. We praise God for his presence. Abeg, we had no money till today, but we are still alive and appreciative. Loading for 2 years.
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