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Your wife is not your relative” – Nigerian man tells married men

A Nigerian man has sparked reactions after he maintained that a man and his wife are ‘not relatives’.

In a tweet that has generated discussion on the microblogging platform, the young man who goes by the handle Omobobola told married men that their wives are not relatives.

According to him, his father had taught him that if he ever decides to get married and have children, he should never forget that his wife is the only person in his home who is not a relative.

“At the end of the day your wife is not your relative. My father taught me that if I ever get married have kids, I should never forget in my home, my wife is the only one who isn’t my relative. As I grow older, his words become more real”, he tweeted.

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His tweet sparked a lot of responses on social media, with many disagreeing with his stance.

A Twitter user @naija_rich_kids wrote,

“Father has already sown the seed of discord even before the marriage occurred. God help us in this marriage thing cos na we human beings dey spoil the thing ourselves.”

@adadike, “Someone you have been sharing your blood with is not your relative? You married her for what then? Should you have married your sister instead? Can you say your mother is not also your relative after all, she came from another blood line?”


“OF course it’s TRUE. She’s the only alien to any index family.
You share no similarity in Genetic makeup with your wife but with her, you can make offsprings who will be related to you and her, genetically”.

Another Twitter user wrote,

“Mutual held ethical ideology cum bond is as thick as blood. It could even be thicker than blood, depending on the ethical leanings of the blood. So, a good wife (spouse) might not be a relative of her husband, but she’s something equal or even bigger than a relative and, as such, deserves every act of goodness/love from her husband. Don’t try to mend it if it isn’t broken, and if it’s broken, don’t bother to mend it.”

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