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People were chatting about the childhood picture because they could not stop giggling at the young man’s angry expression and his large clothes.

As he published images of himself and his twin sister Chidinma as children and adults, a Nigerian man sparked internet debate.

The man, Chibuzor, responded to a thread titled “You as a baby and today” by posting the charming pictures.

His twin sister posed for the camera in the childhood photo frame, while Chibuzor stepped away from the lens while grinning angrily.

The twins were seen beaming with smiles in the second shot, which depicts them as adults and shows how happy they were when the pictures were received.

The childhood photo got many talking as they could not stop laughing at the young man’s angry look and his oversized clothes.

While at it, many gushed over the beauty the twins became as they comment about their adulthood.

Some reactions are shown below:

@KhaleedSZN_ said, “Your sister is the woman of my dreams”.

@yhettyqueen1_ said, “You’re always angry ”.

@Irunnia_ said, “You both grew up beautifully ”.

@Ovo_himsef449 said, “So wait na you get this picture ”.

@aridunu27 said, “Your twin sis is so fineeeeee”.

See the photos below:

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