“You are always covering up lies,this is how she covers up for Pastor Suleman” Fans drag Shan George over Hank Anuku mental health - IgbohoConnect
Actress Shan George from Nollywood has under criticism for hiding the mental illness of famed performer Hank Anuku.

Hank Anuku was reportedly the subject of a distressing film, according to Gossipinfo news.

The “Action thriller” star may be seen wandering the streets in torn clothing and appearing mentally unbalanced in a video that went viral.

The video that was posted to Twitter received a variety of responses.

While some attempted to confirm the legitimacy of the video, others requested the Actor’s Guild take care of him.

From the social media comments, it appears that many people blamed his erratic behavior on drugs.

Shan George debunks Hank Anuku’s disturbing video

Shan George debunks disturbing video of Hank Anuku

Reacting to it, Shan George debunked reports of Hank Anuku being mentally unstable.

She revealed that she was on set with the actor 3days back and he was fit.

“Person wey I dey same set with just 3 days ago. Make una calm down biko.

“3 days ago in Asaba. Hanks is fine o, we r on same got.

Nothing dey do Hanks O, we dey same set. This pix is 3″.

Netizens drag Shan George

Many noted how the actress loves covering up for people. They pointed out how the actress has been covering up for Apostle Suleman in his battle with Halima Abubakar.

One Amorsa wrote, “The Shan George is always covering up lies like she does with Suleman. Madam change your ways…

One Smiles wrote, “But why is Shan trying to cover up that he’s good when he’s not good? I really don’t understand this woman and kemi

One Nene George wrote, “What’s even wrong with this Shan George sef, just remove the George from your last name and stop embarrassing me. Pls ladies and gentlemen that guy needs help

One Kinky Vee wrote, “It’s obvious nau. Even Shan George is not okay. She’s always covering up lies

One Mandem luv me wrote, “One single shame Shan George nor get. Suleman geh friend from hell

One Miss Veey wrote, “I dunno know why this old woman will be involving herself in so much lies see her case with Halima and Johnson Suleiman and here she is trying to debunk a critical case like this

One Geomara wrote, “Shan George is all weather, trying to put mouth where that doesn’t consign her

One Chikky Pamou wrote, “This Shun abi wetin be her name likes to cover the truth too much…if he needs help, allow him get it period!!

One Chidi Madunu wrote, “This Shan George and lies na 5&6 u called urself a grandma I wonder the kind of upbringing u gave ur children ur way of life is irritating

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