“Wow!This is Really Beautiful”: Man Restructure The House of A Poor Woman Who Sleeps on Tiny Roasting Foam, Repaints it, Video Goes Viral - IgbohoConnect
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After a caring guy transformed her home from being in poor state to being beautiful, a woman by the name of Hamsatu couldn’t help but dance in happiness.

When the man initially came to see her, he was not pleased with the state of her home. On TikTok, he posted a video showing what it appeared to be.

The sitting room’s furniture appeared dated and messy. Her bedroom’s paintings had ripped off the wall and were in desperate need of repainting.

Hamsatu slept on a tiny piece of foam that was wrapped in a wrapper in her bedroom, which also lacked a suitable bed.

Hamsatu’s apartment’s interior and exterior were painted and cemented by experienced hands under the compassionate man’s swift direction.

He also cleaned the furniture in the sitting room and bought her a new bed. As soon as Hamsatu noticed how lovely her flat appeared, she prayed for the man. She asked God to provide him with a suitable wife. Before him, Hamsatu also danced.

Social media reactions


This is beautiful God bless you more


God bless you u just dont but smile on her face u make me smile too thank u

Francisco Mario

God bless you my. You my brother. You have literally turned mama into a star!!!


her song is really deep……she’s not worried about the things of the world…..God bless you…for the good work…

Alkali Mercy

gaskiya try bro,may almighty God bless you,more grace to you


Mr Kleb Allah yasaka da alkhairi… your kind are rare in this world

Watch Video Below;

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