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A touching TikTok video of a physically challenged mother carrying her infant on her legs was posted on August 29 by Gaby Monila. The mother is shown lifting the infant with her legs to a couch. The moving video has gained more than 13.3 million views, more than 385 thousand likes, and more than 10,000 shares since going viral.

Users of TikTok have become emotional after watching a video of a mother without hands. On August 8, Gaby Monila uploaded a brief video to the platform in which she can be seen lifting her infant with her legs.

In the video, which lasted second 20 seconds, she grabbed the baby with her two legs and carefully lifted her to the couch.

She then used her body to gently place her properly on her lap. The way she carried out her motherly function has stunned TikTokers.

She refuses to be a burden
Other videos seen on Gabby’s TikTok account suggest that she refuses to be a burden on people.

In one of the videos, she was seen doing other things like feeding herself while holding a cup with her leg.

In another video posted on August 20, she was seen holding a pencil and drawing with her right leg

Some TikTokers were completely surprised at what the woman could do even without arms.

One of them, identified as @Joy, wrote in the comments:

“Best mommy.”

Another TikToker,

@Faiza Anfuaal said:

“Alhamdulillah, always be grateful of whatever you have.”

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