Whykay advises other female artists who sleep around with men "Be careful, walls have ears" - IgbohoConnect

Ogunjimi Adeyinka, better known by her stage name Whykay, is a talented entertainer who has cast doubt on the widespread belief that all female artists are sexually promiscuous.

The native of Ondo State claims that she is unique, but they are unable to make the same assertion about her peers.


“Yes, I often do hear that there’s a lot of sleeping around going on in the industry, especially female artists. But to be honest I can’t say much because I’m not everywhere and I don’t know everyone. I can only vouch for myself. I have only one advice; you can do whatever works for you, just know that everyone is watching and talking. Also just be careful because walls have ears,” she told Saturday Sun.

Whykay, who only recently started dabbling in music production but has already created some wonderful songs, is thankful for the year that is coming to an end.

She also provided a rundown of her most significant accomplishments as we near the end of the year.

Listen to her as she says, “Oh, this year has been so difficult. I have been able to keep going because I have a goal in mind and a large number of people who believe in me, and those two things are enough to convince me to keep going.

To this point, they have been accomplishments that I am quite proud of; an illustration of this would be passing my production exam with high marks.

In addition to this, learning how to produce songs from beginning to end! It’s a major deal for me because I wasn’t able to do it the year before. Other accomplishments are more personal in nature. Looking back, no regrets. I’m going to keep putting in long hours of labor. Being truthful has not been an easy task.”

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