“Why do People mistake me for Tiwa Savage because we look alike, this nonsense has to stop” -Actress Allwell Ademola cries out - IgbohoConnect
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Allwell Ademola, a prominent Nigerian singer and actress, has resorted to social media to express her outrage at ongoing misunderstandings about her and Tiwa Savage.

Allwell Ademola stated that she has been annoyed by people mistake her for other celebs.

She claims that because she is mistaken for Tiwa Savage and Simi, she is unable to enter shopping centers, eat at restaurants, or even walk down her own neighborhoods. Allwell Ademola, enraged, promised to press charges against them because she wants to be herself

“I don’t like doing this. I don’t like bringing my issue to social media. What is the nonsense? I wouldn’t have said anything but this has been happening for weeks, but I can’t take.it anymore. I cannot go to the malls, supermarkets or walk on my street. How can you call me what I am not?? Everyone calls me Tiwa Savage and even Simi. I know I look like Simi, but I am not her. I am Allwell. I will sue”.

Watch her speak below:

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