What determines the roles I accept –Kunle Remi


Nollywood actor Kunle Remi has opened up on the factors he considers before accepting a movie role.

The actor, who was on an Instagram live with Kunle Afolayan said, “I am going to start by talking from before and now. Before, I will take most scripts that go with my morals or discipline, I will take most scripts based on the fact that I am trying to prove myself, I am trying to prove a point. And while I was doing that I got stuck in the loop of looking the same way every time in every script.

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“So, now you’re crossing over or developing to the point where you bring me a screenplay and the first thing I look for is who is the role I’m about to play?” Do I recognize myself in this character?
If I see myself in this character, I think it will be very simple; if I do not see myself in this character, it appears that it will work for me, so now I am interested in the job since this is not Kunle, and it is not near to Kunle.”

Furthermore, the ex-Gulder Ultimate Search contestant and current host exploited his appearance in the forthcoming film Anikulapo to illustrate his point.
“Another essential thing I’ve come to realize or look out for is, for example, let me use the movie ‘Anikulapo’ because that’s a recent project,” he added. This will serve as my yardstick; ‘Anikuplapo’ is a language film first and foremost.
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I’ve done a few things in Yoruba, but it’s diluted Yoruba, and then I get these scripts that say I’m not speaking Lagos Yoruba, that I’m speaking Yoruba. Oyo, the correct deep Yoruba I don’t talk naturally anymore, therefore I’m thinking of hiring a coach and figuring out how to get started; my brain is already working overtime simply by seeing that this script isn’t typical.
It’s not your typical easy-peasy English. I got the English version, and the director immediately tells me, “I’m giving you the Yoruba version, so drop the English one, I have to read the Yoruba one first, because you know now reading from your brain and talking it out are two different things.”
“So my brain can express these things but I can’t seem to say the words or get them right quickly,” he said, “so that was a difficulty for me.”

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