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Young lady identified as Zuku a graduate with 3 qualifications has revealed that she used her hard-earned money to pay for her bride price.

During an Interview with News24, Zuku disclosed that she had to pay her herself because her parents vowed to collect lots of money from her husband and due to this, she did not want to put too much pressure on him.
In her words;   
Getting married and following tradition has always been so sacred to me. As a little girl, I’ve always dreamt of the day I would go through the journey and also get to be a part of my sisters’ and cousins’ weddings. 
If someone would’ve told me that at the age of 34, I would be paying my own lobola, I would’ve laughed. But yes, it happened – I fully paid my own lobola, and I won’t lie; at first, I was embarrassed.   

I’m an engineer, and my husband is a producer. We dated for almost nine years before tying the knot. I’m from a Xhosa background, and my parents have always made it clear that they’re going to request a hefty amount of lobola because I’m an engineer with three qualifications and one of them being from an internationally acclaimed university. So, I always knew lobola would be a thing and basically had no choice. 

When my husband and I decided on getting married, I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him and our finances. Taking out a loan for my lobola was definitely not an option, especially because we still had two weddings to plan. To add to that, the economy we’re currently living in is quite challenging, not to mention how the pandemic has affected us all in different ways. 
So I decided to pay my own lobola

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