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Popular US-based Yoruba actress, Olaitan Ogungbile aka Olaitan Sugar has taken to her official social media handle to celebrate her mother’s birthday. Her mother recreated her style(outfit) as she marks her 68th birthday. This lovely outfit looks so gorgeous on her.

Sugar said,

“Wow. My mom recreated this outfit and it seems she slayed it more than me. It’s because I’m not used to native outfits. I think I have to redo mine. How can a 68-year-old lady slay than a sweet sixteen like me”.

Olaitan prayed that God will shower her mother with endless blessings and will provide all her needs. She prayed that she and her family will continue to support each other with love.

In conclusion, she thanked God for placing her mother in her life and appreciate her mother for the godly wisdom and values she has instilled in her.

These lovely photos sparked reactions online as fans and celebrities gushed over her. Also, they sent shout-outs and compliments wishing her a happy birthday.

Happy 68th birthday to her mother

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