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Dele Momodu, the head of Ovation TV, has drawn criticism for making public the fact that he visited the mourning Adelekes.

According to Gossipinfo, the death of Davido’s son Ifeanyi, whom he shares with fiancée Chioma, rocked the Adelekes’ world.

While many expressed their sympathy for the family on social media, others really visited them to offer their condolences.

Dele Momodu, a politician and businessman, was one of the few people who had access to the family.

Imade Adeleke, the first cousin of Davido, posted videos of his visit on Instagram.

He admitted that he spent the majority of the day in their Lagos family home.

Dele Momodu prayed to God for protection and blessing over them.

“Spent the most of today with the Adeleke family in Lagos… May God almighty continue to bless and protect them…”.

Outrage at Dele Momodu over visit to Adelekes

His publicized condolence visit didn’t sit well with many as they dragged him for it.

They questioned why the businessman would be publicizing a sensitive moment.

One Tony Peter wrote, “You just go there go snap do video make ur page dey function, you no fit just go dere keep am on a low till d family release statement

One Mercy The Amazon wrote, “People should try to respect their privacy at this time nau

One __ul09 wrote, “Dele na old mumu tey tey of u tell am now he go block u

One Radiogirlnelo wrote, “Why did he feel the need to post this?

One Mrs Jones wrote, “The family should not allow camera vid or pic taking when people come and visit them, did this person seek permission before posting? Before what is not supposed to get out to the public will be leaked by videos from visitors. This is invasion of privacy. Am sure this person couldn’t wait to quickly post this vid and caption it…after posting this and caption… WHAT NEXT????

One Susan wrote, “Is this necessary? A child lost his life and you are making a video. This is so insensitive!!!

One Vigra inc wrote, “The show off is uncalled for na… Validation seeker at it best

One Crystalzo wrote, “Una still carry videographer along..this is unnecessary”.

Watch the video below;

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