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Professional singer and dancer Korra Obidi. The lovely woman recently shared a video of herself with her fans to show off her new dance moves. She is well known for her distinctive dancing skills and excellent sense of style. She enjoys sharing enjoyable vacation experiences with her friends and coworkers via social media, and this time, by showing up in a stylish outfit and dancing ecstatically, she did just that. Social media users expressed their satisfaction with Korra Obidi’s accomplishments and noted that she has persisted in using her talents to project a favorable picture of Nigeria to the outside world.

In the video, she can be seen arriving with a coiffed hairstyle, subtle makeup, and jewelry to highlight her stunning beauty. She moreover looked gorgeous in a chic brown outfit. She delighted her admirers as she danced while doing so.

The video link is shown below;

Marie M Augusta, a Facebook users, commented on Korra Obidi’s post and made the following observation: “I’m a woman and I’m here saying! Man! This lady is hot! The voice, the body and the move! don’t understand why someone would want to leave her! Keep up Korra Obidi”

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