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Man has gone viral on social media after he was seen carrying 9 children on a bicycle.
The Video which was shared on twitter showed the moment the 3 of the kids sat at the front of the bicycle while the other 6 kids were seen at the back on the bicycle while some hanged around his neck and also his front side.
Although the video seemed to happen in India and it’s not clear if the kids belonged to the man or not

A Lady has shared a video of her dog reaction online after she served hi m food to eat.

In the video the lady, Queen Tiwa shared on Tiktok, she disclosed that her dog refused to eat because she served him fufu to banku with Light soup.
The Dog who refused to eat was seen lying on the floor very sad while the food was in front of him. 
In her words;
The dog has really surprised me, I prepared fufu for the family to eat, however, my husband’s friends came in their numbers so I had to give what I initially preserved for the dog to my guests. I have given the banku with fish and even tried to plead with it, but the dog has refused the meal.

Watch the video below………

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