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A pastor who displayed his four married brides on social media sparked a huge backlash.

The pastor, who went by the name Zagabe, asserted that the four stunning women who were wed to him were virgins.

The pastor said in a recent interview with Afrimax that he took the four wives since he realized that polygamy is not wrong.

He claimed that God had no issue with a guy choosing to have multiple wives for himself.

On Instagram, Afrimax posted the video with the caption:

“Pastor Zagabe married four wives in one day. What makes his wedding interesting is that the women are all vir’gins.

“He is the best Christian polygamist. He believes polygamy comes from God and has many evidence that having many wives is not a sin. He has five wives in total and they all live peacefully in the same house. In addition, they all love each other.”

Social media reactions

Olatoun Oladeji said:

“Evidently, they were not treated the same way. From their dressing and outlook. Poor innocent girls.”

Jill C wrote:

“I am not a Christian but I am pretty sure this is wrong in so many ways I’m Christian’s eyes. He’s making excuses for his behavior.”

Andrew King noted:

“This pastor is breaking the rules of the word of God. This is so unbelievable in his action.”

Watch the video below;

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